Premier Services

Your Edge Over the Competition

In addition to a broad product portfolio targeted specifically toward fulfilling the needs of the ever-demanding Finance and Insurance (F&I) customer products marketplace, Premier Dealer Services (PDS) helps you stay ahead of the curve by giving you access to our full-service administration, personalized sales support and state of the art training programs. Backed by hands-on industry expertise and cutting-edge technology to track, manage and resolve you and your customers' needs - We are dedicated to providing outstanding service at every level.


  • Technology- Premier Dealer Services connects with the industry-leading technology and business solutions providers to seamlessly integrate your F&I business into your organizational processes.
  • Support- Our Sales Support Team provides a single point of contact for agents and dealers within Premier Dealer Services, ensuring direct access to the exact individuals who can best serve your needs - answering questions, resolving issues, ensuring success.
  • Structure- Premier Dealer Services has provided multiple program choices to dealers and F&I agents since 1998, including fully insured, reinsured and Dealer Owned Warranty Company options for most of our products. Our knowledgeable and innovative Reinsurance Team has over 50 years of industry experience providing well-structured, flexible and compliant products designed to optimize client success and reduce financial risk.
  • PDS Training Academy- The Premier Dealer Services Training Academy provides year-round training programs and events offer dealers and F&I agents the knowledge and expertise to really speak to - and sell to - customers.