Premier Protection Products

Protect Your Investment - Inside and Out

Any vehicle purchase - whether new or pre-owned - is a significant investment and one that vehicle owners naturally want to protect. Premier's collection of chemical protection products helps preserve and extend the life of a vehicle and its appearance.

Premier Protection Products are a collection of sealants applied to the interior and exterior surfaces of a vehicle to protect against accidental damage and wear and tear.

Program Options

Premier Defense
A superior collection of specially-formulated sealants applied to the vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces designed to protect the treated surfaces, available in two different types of chemical protection products: Premier Defense and Premier Defense EVR2.
Premier Defense Benefits:
  • Premier Defense Paint Sealant - protects against damages caused by weather-induced oxidation, fading, hard-water etching, acid rain, industrial fallout or loss of gloss.
  • Premier Defense Interior Leather/Vinyl & Fabric Protection - protection against damages to the interior fabric or leather/vinyl caused by stains and fading and from normal everyday use.
  • Premier Defense Undercoating and Rust Protection - Provides protection against rust and corrosion, helps to insulate the underbody of the vehicle from moisture, and reduces noise.
Premier Defense EVR2 Benefits:
  • Premier Defense EVR2 Paint Sealant - A molecular paint sealant formulation which delivers a long-lasting protective coating. The product utilizes the latest nanotechnology to create a "molecular adhesion" which seals in the brilliance of the vehicle's finish, creates both a hydrophobic (repels water) and hydrophilic (attracts water) surface which reduces the frequency of washing.
  • Premier Defense EVR2 Interior Leather/Vinyl & Fabric Protection - Protects against damage to the interior fabric or leather/vinyl caused by stains, fading and from normal everyday use.
Premier Defense Windshield
Designed to prevent cracks, chips and stars to the vehicle's windshield. In the event the vehicle's windshield does sustain repairable damage after the application of the Premier Defense Windshield Protection product, the limited product warranty will provide for repair of the damaged windshield.

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