Premier Lease Defender

Avoid the Unexpected at Lease Termination

Leasing is an important financing option for many consumers accounting for over 30% of vehicles sold by dealerships. At lease termination, the lessee is responsible to pay for damages to the vehicle in excess of the criteria specified in the lease agreement commonly known as "excess wear and tear." The Premier Lease Defender VSC pays the lessor for eligible excess wear and tear expenses charged to the lessee at lease termination.

Program Options

Each vehicle lease agreement contains standards for wear and tear which are evaluated during vehicle turn-in. Lease Defender helps cover the cost of damage exceeding the lease's wear and tear standards, subject to agreement terms and conditions. Customers may choose from:

  • Lease plan A - Vehicle is turned-in to the selling dealer within 90 days of the scheduled termination date.
  • Lease plan B - Vehicle is turned-in to the selling dealer within one year of the scheduled termination date.

Lease Defender also provides Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) coverage to repair minor dents and dings. PDR is a detailing process performed by using special hand tools to gently push the metal back into its original or near original form, done from the inside of the body panels without harming the original exterior finish of the vehicle on dents or dings that do not involve punctures, visible paint damage, and are accessible by dent repair tools.


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